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Protect and preserve important documents and those you use frequently. Our services include laminating projects up to poster size. We can even laminate something as small as your insurance or business card.

Documents that are 11" x 17" and smaller can generally be done while you wait, and within minutes. Sizes larger than 11" x 17" will need up to a business day for completion.

Laminate Sizes

Documents under 11" x 17" are laminated after being inserted into laminate pouches. Your documents will be placed into the smallest sized pouch that your document will fit in. These pouches and prices are outlined below:

  • Business Card Pouch: $0.79
  • Statement Pouch (8.5" x 5.5"): $0.99
  • Letter Pouch (8.5" x 11"): $1.29
  • Legal Pouch (8.5" x 14"): $1.79
  • Tabloid Pouch (11" x 17"): $2.49

Documents larger than 11" x 17" will take up to a business day for completion. For wide format posters that are printed at the Oxford Copy Shop, the cost to laminate is $2.75 per square foot, and for documents that are brought in to us, the cost is $4.00 per square foot to laminate.