Poster Printing

About Our Poster Printer

Our posters are printed using high-quality, full-color inkjet technology on 8 mm satin photo paper stock. Perfect for presentation graphics, special events, and so much more!

Important Poster Printing Information

Digital photos should be at least 300 dpi.

Posters must be submitted at finished size (18" x 24", etc.). We are unable to resize as formatting and other unwanted issues may occur.

Preferred file format: pdf, as other filetypes are unstable.

Wide format posters are printed Monday-Friday. Please allow up to one business day for completion.

Need to Design a Poster?

We highly reccommend the use of PowerPoint to create your poster presentation. It provides an excellent foundation, and the tools to realize your creative vision.

1.) Open PowerPoint.
2.) Choose a template online, download a blank template below, or start from scratch by selecting Blank Presentation.
3.) When you open up PowerPoint, you will likely see default text boxes on the slide. These boxes are unnecessary if you do not plan to use them, so you may delete them if you wish.
4.) Now you may specify your dimensions. To do this, click the customize icon under the design tab. You may now click slide size. In the box that pops up, you may enter the height, and the width of your poster.
We can print 42" x 96", so one dimension of your poster must be 42" or smaller, and one must be 96" or smaller.
5.) Now you may design your poster as you wish. You may add text boxes, images, or anything else that you want. These options are found in the insert tab.
6.) Once you have your PowerPoint poster designed, you will need to save it as a pdf. Either click the "Save as Adobe pdf" option, or clicking "save as" a pdf.
If you are on a Mac, you will need to export as a pdf instead of saving.
7.) Now the pdf file is ready for printing!

PowerPoint Templates

Want to design a PowerPoint and need somewhere to begin? Download the templates for these three common sizes below!