Stapling Options

We offer many different types of stapling to bind your documents together. We offer corner, dual, and booklet saddle stapling. Our printers can staple your documents as they are printed, so please let us know if you'd like your items stapled.

Image of the corner stapling

Corner Stapling

Sheets stapled with a single staple on our high-speed copier/printer. Position can be adjusted to any corner (upper left, upper right, bottom right, bottom left). Maximum sheets: 100 (letter); 50 (letter-R, legal, 11"x17").

Image of the dual stapling.

Dual Stapling

Double-stapled in left margin of document. Produced form our high-speed copier/printer. Creates an economical finish to your printed materials. Maximum sheets: 100 (letter); 50 (letter-R, legal, 11"x17").

Image of the saddle stapling.

Booklet Saddle Stapling

Sheets folded and stapled together on our high-speed copier/printer. Widely used type of bindery for small manuals, pamphlets, and programs. A combination of a full color cover and white offset insides make a striking program. Maximum sheets: 15 (letter-R, legal, 11"x17").